Large Vegan Leather Belt

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Introducing the ultimate accessory that will redefine the way you make a statement in the world of fashion - our stunning Large Vegan Leather Belt. Crafted to perfection, this belt is all set to become the coveted item that effortlessly elevates your style game to unparalleled heights. Designed exclusively for luxury women's fashion buyers like you, this belt not only symbolizes opulence but also reflects your commitment towards a sustainable future.

Encrusted with our signature NG logo buckle, meticulously crafted to exude effortless glamour, this vegan leather belt speaks volumes about your impeccable taste. 

But this belt isn't just about style - it's a proud testament to your conscious choice. Made using only the finest quality Black Vegan leather, it embodies our commitment to producing fashion that is cruelty-free, sustainable, and ethically sourced. So with this belt, not only do you make a fashion statement, but you also make a positive impact on the environment. It's a win-win situation, and you're at the forefront of it all.

Choose sustainability. Choose style. Choose the Large Vegan Leather Belt.


  • Large belt with signature NG logo buckle.
  • Made of Black Vegan leather.

Measurements: 2 1/2"

Composition: 100% Olive Leather