Vegan Leather Stacked Jeans

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Ladies, prepare to be mesmerized by the fashion-forward elegance and eco-conscious ingenuity that these Vegan Leather Stacked Jeans possesses!

Crafted with utmost precision, these fitted jeans are an ode to the contemporary woman who craves timeless appeal without compromising her values. A harmonious blend of vegan leather and sustainable practices, these jeans prove that it is possible to radiate grace while embracing a compassionate lifestyle.

Not only are these jeans a sartorial masterpiece, but they also mark your conscious choice to support sustainability. By offering you a cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather, we empower you to make a genuine difference in the world of fashion. Rest assured, our commitment to the preservation of our planet shines through every intricate stitch, ensuring that your impeccable style harmonizes with your values.


  • Fitted Vegan Leather.
  • Stacked leg detail.

Fitted through waist & hip, loose fit leg/true to size
The model is wearing a medium.

Composition: 100% Nylon, 100% Polyester