Trained Tuxedo Pant

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For that effortlessly glamorous look, invest in a pair of our luxe Trained Tuxedo Pants. These unique pants are one-of-a-kind; tailored with a fitted waist and an alluring flared hem for added dramatic effect. The sheer back pant legs and trouser crease detail combined with the concealed zipper closure gives a sophisticated yet edgy sharp look.

If that wasn’t enough to get your feet in a tizzy, these pants are made with only the finest sustainability and vegan materials. So you can be sure that you’ll be rocking a luxe look on-trend and guilt-free. So why wait? Transform any outfit this season with our response-worthy Trained Tuxedo Pants.


  • Long tailored pants with fitted waist and flare at the hem.
  • Sheer trained back pant legs with trouser crease.
  • Concealed zipper closure.

Fitted around waist and hip, loose flaired bottom/true to size.
The model is wearing size xs.

Composition: 100% Recycled Polyester