Nikki Green made a bold entrance into the fashion world at Vegan Fashion Week 2023 as a sustainability company focused on innovating the luxury fashion paradigm. Nikki Green has been founded on the principles that the traditional structure of the fashion industry is antithetical to sustainable practices in many ways including manufacturing processes, oversupply, buying release schedules and marketing principles.

Nikki Green is at its heart a luxury fashion brand that is every bit as beautiful, unique and exquisite as its luxury counterparts; but it answers the compassionate and sustainability questions that those luxury brands simply cannot.

The innovation is simply stunning; beyond precision in manufacturing and purchasing that is at the cutting-edge of sustainable practices, Nikki Green has reconceived the entire purchasing phenomenon for the luxury consumer.


Nikki Green offers a once-a-year collection that is made to order for its discerning buyers, plus an atelier service for special events.

Combined with styling services, Nikki Green buyers have a wardrobe complete with personalized look-books that they wear for longer, and add to annually and for special events.

Nikki Green Founder, Dominique Side and Designer, Christian Allen, aim to completely revolutionize the way the luxury market consumes, produces and markets fashion now and in the future.

Without a compromise on style, design, or luxury detailing; Nikki Green is the very first sustainability company-led luxury fashion business in the world.


What sets Nikki Green apart is its unique approach to consumption. The annual collection, consisting of approximately 70 meticulously designed pieces, is made-to-order, ensuring no excess production. This strategy significantly reduces fashion waste, allowing for a personalized connection with each piece and promoting long-term use.

Moreover, the atelier service takes sustainability in fashion to new heights. Christian Allen personally undertakes an exploration of the client's current wardrobe, blending new Nikki Green pieces into their existing collection. This service extends the life of each garment and encourages a more mindful and eco-friendly approach to fashion consumption.



Dominique Side is a world leading specialist in luxury ethical living. A powerful force in the modern vegan movement, Dominique has become an iconic figure in the space and amassed a cult following for her impactful work. Dominique is an accomplished entrepreneur who has grown several multi-million-dollar businesses within the compassionate living space including a vegan grocery store, sustainably engineered recording studio, a vegan consulting company, and the highly anticipated The Luxury Vegan media company launching 2024.

Dominique is the Founder of Nikki Green, the luxury vegan ready-to-wear collection. This first-ever black woman owned vegan fashion brand that is both opulent, sustainably sourced, and expertly combines compassionate living with high fashion.

With Nikki Green, Dominique is embarking on her most ambitious project to date. Revolutionizing the luxury fashion industry is no small task, but Dominique is adamant that as a sustainability led company, it is possible to alter the industry's landscape.

Nikki Green was conceived from the idea that luxury and sustainability can coexist but that the antiquated fashion industry structure is simply not sustainable for the future of the planet or industry. Nikki Green is creating for the future, through reinventing the way luxury fashion is consumed, manufactured and marketed.



Designer of Nikki Green, Christian Allen began his fashion journey in his early twenty’s, relocating to New York with aspirations of becoming a celebrity stylist. He quickly set the styling scene on fire, working for Essence Magazine, with Nick Cannon’s styling team, and on major projects such as America’s Got Talent and The Grammy Awards, and the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet.

In 2018 Christian switched gears and tried his hand at designing the inaugural collection for luxury streetwear brand YEKIM which gained celebrity appeal. Loving designing, Christian partnered with his cousin, Dominique Side in Houston, Texas to work as Stylist/Interior Designer for Vgn Bae Studios.

In 2023, they launched Nikki Green which has presented a unique creative challenge for Christian as a designer and stylist. Vegans don’t believe in using animal products such as wool, silk, leather, fur and feathers, so Christian had to find creative ways to source materials that were vegan friendly as well as embodied the class and elegance of the aesthetic found in his work.

Now as the Designer of Nikki Green, Christian designs the annual collection, as well as works privately with Nikki Green’s clients on their personal styling, atelier designs and their experience as a luxury Nikki Green client in Los Angeles.

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